National Environmental Science Association-NESA

National Environmental Science Association-NESA

About SESD: Society for Environment & Sustainable Development is a non-government organization registered under Society’s Registration Act XXI of 1860, India. The organization is also enrolled in the NGO Darpan portal offered by the NITI Ayog, Government of India. Organization working for Environment Protection & Sustainable Development located in New Delhi, India. The Society is committed for environment protection & sustainable development. SESD is inspired by UN Sustainable Development Goals Framework which is adopted by countries of the world. We promote SDGs framework and help global community in protecting environment & achieving sustainable development goals through education, research, advocacy, training programs & action. 

About NESA : 

One of the objectives of the SESD is to help environmental science/studies/management students to get justice in the form of desirable jobs in environmental field. SESD is making all efforts to help environment degree holders of India should get desired jobs like scientists, assistant, associate professors & professors in environment departments. Members of SESD are tirelessly working on this agenda since 2015. We had submitted several representations to the Hon’ble President, Prime Minister, Environment Minister, Education Minister, UGC, All State Governments & Universities & Colleges of India seeking their support in appointment of scientists and faculty in colleges and universities.                     SESD decided to formalize the movement and register the organization. In this direction an online first meeting of the National Environmental Science Association was held on 27th Dec, 2020. Following resolutions were passed.

1. To start registration process of National Environmental Science Association-NESA

2. To start registration process of Members of National Environmental Science Association.

3. The annual membership should be Rs. 100/- & Life Membership should be Rs. 999/-

4. Candidates who possess postgraduate degree in Environmental Science/Environmental Studies/Environmental Management or Environmental Engineering can take the membership. 

5. The details of the members will be kept on the website page of SESD with open access.

5. Meeting of NESA will be held online on 27th of every month at 4.00pm. 

Following members attended the Meeting

  1. Mr. Abhraham Pou Singh
  2. Dr. Chandravir Narayan
  3. Dr. Surendra Kumar Yadav
  4. Mr. Kantharaju G.K.
  5. Mr. Mangesh Vedpathak
  6. Dr Santosh Sharma
  7. Mrs. Smita Jambhali
  8. Mr. Vikram Gaurav Singh
  9. Dr. Sanjay Marale
  10. Meriya
  11. Dr. Latha Mani
  12. Mr. Robin Rathi
  13. Mr. Sandeep Hore
  14. Dr. Yashpal Singh Narwaria
  15. Mr. Parth Singh
  16. Mr. Vijay RS Yadav

NESA Annual & Life Members* 

Sr. No.


PG Degree Subject


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National Environmental Science Association-NESA Meeting Details:  

Dear Sir/Madam

Greetings from NESA 

NESA will organize its second online meeting on 27th Jan, 2021 to discuss further course of action. You are requested to attend the meeting. 

Date: 27th Jan, 2021

*Time: 4.00 PM IST

To join online meeting please click:

Membership of NESA is open for candidates possessing postgraduate in environmental science/ studies/ management or environmental engineering.                                                            
Annual Membership Fees Rs. 100/-.                                                                                                        Click here to take annual Membership:

Life Membership Rs. 999/-

Click here to take Life Membership:

Join NESA’s Whatsapp Group.

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Dr. Sanjay Marale
Mob. +919999228028
Dr. Yashpal Singh Narwaria
Mob. +919873425116

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Organising Committee

Dr. Sanjay Marale

President, SESD

Dr. Surendra Kumar Yadav

Vice-President SESD

Dr. Yashpal Singh Narwaria

Secretary, SESD

Amit Kumar Yadav

Joint Secretary, SESD

Chandrashekhar Azad Vishwakarma

Treasurer, SESD

Mr Rajeshwar Pratap Singh

Executive Member SESD

Anamika Shikha

Executive Member, SESD

Smita Jambhali

Executive Member, SESD

Mr Manik Patil

Executive Member, SESD

Mrs Rashmi Jha

Executive Member, SESD

Dr Ravindra Prasad

Executive Member, SESD

Mr Rovin Rathi

Executive Member, SESD

Mr Arjun Suresh

Executive Member, SESD

Mr Diwakar Prakash

Executive Member, SESD

Amarjeet Rathi

Executive Member, SESD


Dr. Surendra Kumar Yadav

Vice President SESD

Dr. R.B. Singh

Petitioner Raj High Court

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