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International Conference on Environment & Sustainable Development in post COVID 19 through SDGs

About SESD: Society for Environment & Sustainable Development is a non-government organization registered under Society’s Registration Act XXI of 1860, India. The organization is also enrolled in the NGO Darpan portal offered by the NITI Ayog, Government of India. Organization working for Environment Protection & Sustainable Development located in New Delhi, India. The Society is committed for environment protection & sustainable development. SESD is inspired by UN Sustainable Development Goals Framework which is adopted by countries of the world. We promote SDGs framework and help global community in protecting environment & achieving sustainable development goals through education, research, advocacy, training programs & action. 

About Conference: The contemporary scenario of Environmental degradation & Sustainable Development taking the centre stage around the globe, the Society joins numerous other institutional efforts to create awareness & explore possibilities for ‚Äėout of the box‚Äô thinking to provide innovative solutions for achieving sustainable development in India and around the world.¬† SESD is organizing International¬† Conference from 2-5th June, 2021 to spread the word about environment & SDGs.¬† The conference will explore the possible dimensions and challenges in achieving sustainable development goals throughout world. The conference will help India to identify¬† strategies to achieve sustainable development goals.¬†¬†This conference is a platform for researchers, academicians, technologists, scientists, industry experts, students and civil society members who are working towards Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development. This International Conference will highlight UN Agenda 2030 which includes 17 Sustainable Development Goals under six themes of poverty, health & wellbeing, education, skills & jobs, a safe & fair world, sustainability & environment.¬†


  • Building awareness of the Agenda 2030 & its goals, promoting participation & inform, influence & drive change in order to achieve SDGs.
  • Identify key areas that are lagging behind as per UN Country progress reports or expert opinions &¬†suggest strategies to¬†design messages, programs & campaigns so as to bring the societal, policy, organizational & behavioral changes that help implementation of SDG agenda.
  • To facilitate sharing of experiences, including successes, challenges & lessons learned & provide guidance & recommendations for effective implementation & follow up of the Agenda 2030.
  • to build awareness amongst young students,
  • to identify simple solutions and low-cost methods for achieving sustainable development goals and
  • to develop a plan of action for dissemination of findings and ideas generated in the conference to move towards achieving 17 goals of sustainable development.


The conference will focus on six themes as follows:

(1) Poverty

No Poverty (SDG1) Reduced Inequality (SDG 10)

(2) Health & Wellbeing

No Hunger (SDG 2) Good Health & Wellbeing (SDG 3) Clean Water & Sanitation (SDG 6)

(3) Education, Skills & Jobs

Quality Education (SDG 4) Jobs & Economic Growth (SDG 8)

(4) A Safe & Fair World

Gender Equality (SDG 5) Peace & Justice (SDG 16)

(5) Sustainability

Renewable Energy (SDG 7) Infrastructure (SDG 9) Sustainable Cities (SDG 11) Responsible Consumption (SDG 12) Partnership (SDG 17)

(6) Environment.

Climate Action (SDG 13) Life Below Water (SDG 14) Life on Land (SDG (15)




Dr Sanjay Marale, President, SESD, New Delhi-110067, Mob: 9999228028.   Dr Yashpal Singh Narwaria, Secretary, SESD, New Delhi-110067,  Mob: 9873425116                                              


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Organising Committee

Dr. Sanjay Marale

President, SESD

Dr. Surendra Kumar Yadav

Vice-President SESD

Dr. Yashpal Singh Narwaria

Secretary, SESD

Amit Kumar Yadav

Joint Secretary, SESD

Chandrashekhar Azad Vishwakarma

Treasurer, SESD

Mr Rajeshwar Pratap Singh

Executive Member SESD

Anamika Shikha

Executive Member, SESD

Smita Jambhalai

Executive Member, SESD

Mr Manik Patil

Executive Member, SESD

Mrs Rashmi Jha

Executive Member, SESD

Dr Ravindra Prasad

Executive Member, SESD

Mr Rovin Rathi

Executive Member, SESD

Mr Arjun Suresh

Executive Member, SESD

Mr Diwakar Prakash

Executive Member, SESD

Amarjeet Rathi

Executive Member, SESD


Prof. P.S. Khillare


Dr Kazi S. Azher


Prof. R.S. Gavali


Prof. Grazyana Chaberek


Dr. D.M. Mahajan


Dr. Ibrahim Batish


Dr. Muhammed Manzoor


Prof. Dr. S. Ganapathy Venkatsubrimanian


Dr. Inamul Hasan

South Korea

Dr. Jaishanker Phillai



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